Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Colorado Adventures Part Two- The Unexpected Adventure

Free babysitters are not something that Jason and I get to take advantage of that often, so when we are visiting family we are sure to take advantage when we can. We are in search of a modestly priced digital SLR camera. While we were with Jason's mom, Jason and I gave Ben and hug and a kiss, left him with the grandparents and drove to Pueblo -the nearest city to Walsenburg- to check out the pawn shops hoping to find one. However, instead of finding a camera, we found that even though Pueblo is an urban area, there are many parts of the city that time has forgotten. It was fun to finally explore the city a bit instead of driving through it as we normally do.

An unknown building's water tower visible while driving I-25

Outside of Pueblo's train station is a railroad museum. A C&S caboose is one of the many cars on display.

We also managed to find "The Cowboy Supply" store in downtown Pueblo. If you ever find yourself in downtown Pueblo, make sure to stop in this store to check it out, you won't be disappointed. We were amazed at how much stuff they carry.

A whole wall of children's cowboy boots in a sizes starting with a toddler's 4. How does a little one who just barely learned how to walk wear these while showing off their newly acquired skill?

Of course, no cowboy store would be complete without the Stetson branding gracing it somewhere. Can you see the detail on the vest below? Is this or the jacket to the left of it to wear in a business casual outfit, or are they for dressier occasions?

I think it is great when a mission for one thing, i.e. the camera, turns into an unexpected adventure, don't you? What kind of unexpected adventures have you been on lately?


  1. We need to get a set of Stetson outfits for us! LOL! Will have to check out that town whenever we go to Colorado!

    ~ Preseda

  2. This is great that you got to explore a bit. I have only driven through - at the most, stopped for ice for Rita.

  3. Love the unexpected adventures! And it's nice to know that Pueblo has more to offer than just that view from I-25.