Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Colorado Adventures Part One

This past week we packed our suitcases and headed to Colorado to visit our families. Ben and I hadn't been since last September and Jason hadn't been back since Christmas 2010 (yikes!), so it was definitely time for a visit. The first part of our trip we spent at Jason's mom's place in Walsenburg, a small town in southern Colorado.

Beside the beautiful scenery and family time, we also got to get in some key Harry time. For those of you who don't know, Harry is our dog that lives with Jason's mom. We are not able to have him in our house in family housing because emotional support animals have to be under 20 pounds to live here. It's a really crappy rule and I'd like to know what they would do if a blind person with a seeing eye dog tried to move in here. Oh well, as soon as I can find a job, we'll move out of the academic ghetto and get our dog back. We were excited to spend a bit of time with him even if it was a short visit. Harry was as sweet as ever, even managing to break our hearts as he tried to get in the car with us as we were leaving. Don't worry Harry-dog, we'll be back for you soon.

Next post will be about Jason and I taking advantage of some free babysitting and saw the "sights" in Pueblo, Colorado, the closest city to Walsenburg.


  1. Great recap. I know that it's hard to leave Harry. That last pick with Ben and Harry is very sweet. xoxo

    1. This is Joanie - not sure why it has me as unknown.

  2. Harry! Oh how sweet he is to try and go home with you guys. That is a heart melter. Sorry we didn't get to hang with you guys. Next time it'll be us in SoCal.

  3. Aw, I love Harry! He is so sweet! I love cuddling with him when we go visit Dad and Liz. Sorry you guys are missing him though. :(